Maybe.. Just maybe..

Hit by a sudden wave of memories,
And it’s still so hard to believe,
As if I was murdered that night,
And you left me on the floor to bleed…

The sad part? I could see it coming!
I could feel the suffocation and the loss,
The warmth of the tears rolling down my face,
And it wasn’t anything new! I knew what exactly it was…

You stepped out of the car and you didn’t look back,
And I drove off in a total shock and disbelief,
Maybe it wasn’t meant to be? Maybe it never happened?
Maybe I am dreaming, Maybe I am still asleep…

Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow, and it’ll all be fine,
I won’t remember your name, your smell, or your face,
Maybe we’re still strangers living miles apart,
And maybe.. just maybe.. we never met in the first place…

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