I think.. [Free Verse]

I think.. I think about you 365 days,
And I know at-least a billion phrase,
And at-least a million ways,
just to look at your face,
But maybe I am just too too small,
And Maybe you are just too too great,
but I can not stop thinking about you,
I’ve fallen in love with you,
Maybe its just too too late,
But love, can not you see the gleam in my eyes?
When I look at you completely amazed?
can not you feel the butterflies?
Maybe I am just too too mad,
Or maybe I am just too too sad,
that I can not tell you how I feel, and how I feel so.. so bad,
that I can not tell you that you are all I have and all.. all I ever had,
All I can do is to think about you,
Your grace, your eyes, your lips, the way you talk,
Your smile, your smell, your touch, the way you walk,
The way you tuck your hairs behind your ears,
The way you talk to me about your fears,
The way you tell me how your day has been,
I can just sit here.. and listen to you.. for years,
The way you say “I’ll be there” and I keep waiting,
Debating with my heart if I should keep hating myself,
or I should tell you how beautiful are the curves of your lips,
So mesmerizing that when you smile I stumble and I flip,
So I am just trying to hold on to you when I am falling off the cliff,
But I guess I should keep doing what I was doing yesterday.. and just try to be me,
Because maybe you are just too too far today.. and maybe.. you can not even see me…

2 thoughts on “I think.. [Free Verse]

  1. This is so beautiful. I really enjoyed reading it. Heart-breaking to know when you can’t achieve something you so desperately want. Keep writing!

    Kind Regards,

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