My deeds came running behind me…

My deeds came running behind me,
I tried dealing with them but they denied me,
They had every intention to blind me,
But my dreams has already signed me..
I am just a simple soul,
though not the way I wanted to be,
I am not that bad as I look,
all that is bullshit about me,
There are just too many people around me,
There are just too many things on my mind, see,
I am Hunched over, the elbow to the knee,
At times, I just want to set my soul free,
But to stand up and to face life is the only key,
When god ain’t listening, you need not plea,
You just need to get the fuck up and stop mourning,
I was just a regular guy who would wake up every morning,
Dress up with suit and tie, leave for office storming,
And come back home every night, but without a warning,
I was changed, I lost everything I had,
“Whats wrong with you?” said my dad,
“Nothing”, I had nothing else to add,
I just didn’t want him to see me sad,
Because the people who took care of you,
Are the people whom you should take care with everything you do,
No-matter what kind of shit you are going through,
Nothing can justify the ill acts of you,
So, Close your eyes and make a promise to you too,
That you won’t give up,
the chances of your failure is less than a few…

[This is what comes out when you attempt to write a “POEM” in half sleep.. 😛 ]

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