Wonder if its happening for real..


And I can’t go to sleep,
I lay in my bed and weep,
The promises I made to myself,
And I just couldn’t keep?

I try everyday to take the last leap,
Get out of this mob of sheeps,
They say “if you wanna grow a tree,
You, yourself, need to lay the seeds”

But what else do I need?
A payback to the sinful deeds?
Or to fall on my knees,
again, drench in tears and plead?

Do you think am gonna kneel?
Can you even feel the pain I feel?
It isn’t a joke anymore, dammit! its real,

You think you can just come here,
and behave like am nowhere near?
I doubt if you can even hear,
And if you can, let me feed your ears..

With my words causing a fear,
Hurting you like a spear,
My thoughts are bright and clear..
But Can you understand me my dear?

Can you open your eyes and see any clear?
Is this what you wanted me to be?
The devil which I’ve become,
This savage beast?

When my soul is loud with tears,
There is this silence which creeps,
It’ll give your bones them chills,
‘Coz I let my faith do the kills,

My life molded my pain into skills,
The rain of inevitable thoughts,
Which my mind spills!
What I do, I do it on my will,
So you can just sit back and chill,
And wonder if its happening for real..

By: Chandan Mishra
12th Feb. 2013

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