And I promise you that…

I came home late that night,
And She was waiting for me,
“I am sorry my love”, I said,
She said, “No, Don’t be”.

Though, she asked me to make a promise,
As she came closer and gave me a kiss,
She said, “Your love is all I yearn for,
And You will be there, just like before!
Can You Promise me just that?”
And As I can’t see her sad,
I said, “Yes I will be with you forever,
With all my heart, I promise you that”.

Then she hugged me,
With all her beautiful charm,
I could feel her love, so true,
As she shattered in my arms,
I said, “You gave me your love,
Like I never had,
But I’ll be there for you,
And I promise you that”

By: Chandan Mishra
11th Feb 2013

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