Extraordinarily Optimistic…

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I still join my hands everyday when I pray,
Shout out things which no one else dare to say,
I slay the devil just like a child’s play,
I live with a faith just like a dreamer of the day,
My pain’s so heavy, it gets impossible to weigh,

I got some dreams, they are unrealistic,
The thoughts are dangerous, vision is ballistic,
I am trying to hold down the beauty, extremely artistic,
they call me a day dreamer, extraordinarily optimistic,
But that’s the hell I am, its my characteristic,

So why don’t you go ahead and try to diss me?
Try all your little stunts and try to impress me,
I don’t care when I’ll be gone, if someone will miss me,
Because I know, The hell can’t resist me,
Even destiny got no option other than to assist me..!

By: Chandan Mishra
24th Jan 2013

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