I pick up a pencil become Picasso sometimes… [Rap Lyrics]

Damn u look like shit,
did u step on my shit?
no, wait, I didn’t mean to say that
Well, I meant it, but just a lil bit,
but if u gonna tell anyone bitch,
am gonna grab your throat and slit,
and laugh at you, ha haa, when u bleed,
Arrggh.. okay am sorry, lets quit,
come here, sit,
lets be a lil romantic,
You so beautiful gal,
lets have some kids,
I know u didn’t step on my shit,
You just slipped, I am stupid,
my mood flipped, You see, I lost the grip,
I didn’t offend you right? oh, okay seems I did,
But I ain’t sorry, not even a bit,
bitch, why don’t you put some makeup on?
ohh.. seems u already did,
but why u still look so ugly?
Are u happy with it? smugly?

Yeah girl, you are so beautiful,
I feel lucky to have you, and I wanna,
Hold u in my arms and inhale u like marijuana,
And then squeeze you a lil more, am gonna,
put you inside a bottle and command u like a jinn, then I’ma,
take you out, and a spell, you’ll spin,
try to kill me, and try to win,
but I’ll bounce back from my coffin,
and land a reverse kick on your chin..

You use to lay beside me,
when I use to tell you stories,
from a lovers sacrifices,
to a soldiers glory,
how boring, you were,
u use to fall asleep, snoring,
the charm of my ass, so alluring,
why don’t u dig out some dignity bitch?
why don’t you buy some love if your ass so rich?
why don’t you try jumping off a bridge?
Do you think its death too whom u can ditch?

You mess with my shit and,
I might diss you worse than you can think,
I might break the barriers and a hell I might bring,
I might turn into a fucking vampire tonight,
Go so thirsty that your blood I might drink,
You wont be even able to blink,

Oh, Okay..
Excuse me, I get lil psycho sometimes,
I get really high on tobbaco sometimes,
I inhale cocaine with Tabasco sometimes,
Though I don’t know a shit,
but I start playing flamenco sometimes,
I pick up a small pencil become Picasso sometimes,
I smash some ass and suddenly become best wacko of all time,
So don’t try to mess with me by going up on my mind,
My mind spit out words which even echo in rhymes…

By: Chandan Mishra
15th Dec. 2012


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