The Losing Fight…

In a battlefield, against my own thought,
It seems a losing fight anyway for me,
Running fast to grab the only top spot,
Its the only thing anyway left for me..

The voices banging inside my head,
Making me lose my sight,
I don’t have fear of seeing anyone else to win,
Its myself that I am afraid to fight…

I am afraid to fight with myself and win,
‘Coz its me who is gonna lose anyway,
But still I think the fight and pain is worth it,
And, this time, am gonna keep myself at a bay..

Yes am gonna fight…
even if I do lose at the end
Cos I know some day,
All these scars would mend…
And at the end winning and losing wont matter…
It would just be a life we have to live
With the memories of all the fights we fought..
And a lots of experience to give…

By: Chandan Mishra & Nidhi Jha
28th Nov. 2012


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