What will you do? [Song]

In this world of useless dreams,
What we want to see is what seems,
Crumbling down to what we did,
It Doesn’t matter how hard you scream,
Running down on the memory lane,
Chasing the mad money and fame,
All you do is point fingers and blame,
Everything looks so old and same,
For Your endless hunger and greed,
You lost yourself, You lost your aim,
But it sounds so dull and lame,
You can’t recall your lovers name,
Its enough now,
Stop to repeat and mock,
So just stand up and start to walk,
Break your silence, start to talk,
Let your heart be light and soft,
But make your soul strong as rock,
No time to be amazed or shocked,
Cause you got a restless clock,
You need to keep moving and see,
Become what you wanted to be,
Its Uselless to convince, they wont agree,
Follow your heart to have the glee,
Open your wings, Your wild and free,


Why You lay low and shy?
You will come back,
Don’t say goodbye,
Don’t Be sad,
Don’t let your eyes Cry,
Your might be down,
But You will go high,
High above the ground,
You will Touch the sky,
You will be loved,
Watch it with your heart’s eye,
Don’t look back and think,
The Hell you’ve been through,
Just forget it and sing,
Remember what you have to do,
What destiny holds, You dont have a clue,
No-body can let you down, Not even you,
So just keep moving, And Sing this song,
The World will join you to walk along,
Don’t feel betrayed when you look back,
It was just a hitch, and you fell from the crack,

When you see your tears,
falling on the ground,
You shout for years,
but you cant make a sound,
When you want to be heard,
But there is no one around,
What will you do?

Don’t run too fast,
When you Got nowhere to reach,
Don’t try too hard,
If Its a book you can’t read,
Just Don’t lose your hope,
Or kneel down to a selfish greed…

By: Chandan Mishra
21 Jun 2012


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