With You…

With you, I can Run,
With you, I can Hide,
With you, I can spread my Wings,
With you, I Can fly…

With you, I can Live,
With you, I can Die,
With you, I can Laugh,
With you, I can Cry…

With you, I can Dream,
With you, I can Wake,
With you, I can Lose,
With you, I can Make…

By: Chandan Mishra


11 thoughts on “With You…

  1. I can be with you and forget all my worries.

    With you there are million sweet memories.

    With you it’s easy to forgive end forget
    With you there is no regret.

    With you theres whole new meaning to the word living.

    With you I can talk …..with you I can sing……

    With you I can be myself

    without any fear

    And without you there is nothing with me

    Bt with you…..evrythings here……


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