I Don’t Love You…

Now you trying to get back to me,
Trying to be mine,
But everthing we had,
Washed away with time…

All I had asked, was a last hug,
But you couldn’t give it to me,
Tears in my eyes, pleading on my knees,
The horror of that eve, Still I feel and I See…

You aren’t my love, Not even a friend,
I know you dont care, So do not pretend,
I remember who you were, I Remember what you did,
And now I don’t love you, No.. Not Even a Bit…

By: Chandan Mishra


13 thoughts on “I Don’t Love You…

  1. Hahahaha…..u do realise tht ur two adjacent poems give a total diff picture bout ur feelings for ur past love ryt?

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