An Apology Poem

You got 5 fingers in your hand,
But they all are not same,
I am sorry, my friend, for what I did,
But I am a bit insane…

Sometimes, I don’t think before I speak,
I know I behave like a dumb 5 yr old kid,
I know I should not do that,
But I don’t mean to hurt anybody even a bit…

Let’s bury what happened, Lets Cheer Up,
‘Coz, It’s Love, on hate, what we should choose,
I cannot change, it’s the way I am, good or bad,
BUT… You certainly from those, Whom I Don’t Wanna Loose…

P.S. A poem written as an apology, for a friend of mine… πŸ™‚
By: Chandan Mishra


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