Living Dreams… Believing Fate..

Sometimes I Smile,
Sometimes I Cry,
Sometimes I Quit,
Sometimes I Try…

Sometimes I Just Lay on the ground,
and gaze the stars,
Sometimes I Doesn’t Make Any Sound,
and Rip Hearts Apart…

But Still I Love,
God Knows Why…!
Still I Die For a Truth,
And Live in a Lie…!
I Pretend To Be Brave,
Shy Insides…!

Making Peace With War,
Making Love With Hate,
Fighting Desperation With Hunger,
Living Dreams… Believing Fate..

By: Chandan Mishra


6 thoughts on “Living Dreams… Believing Fate..

  1. A lot of the same things you expressed i was the same when i was younger, especially shy! But your words all aways a blessing to my day! I see your skills blossoming before my eyes…and i am so happy to read your words! The poem is beautiful…keep on moving forward! Have you talked to Z, lately too much quiet of late from her…don’t you think?

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