Rooted on the ground…

I fall down with a crash and thud,
Waking up ajar,
See the world go round n round,
From my place so far,
I want to get up and run,
Behind everything that I know,
But feels like I am rooted at this place,
Have no choice then letting go…

I want to stretch my hand and call for you,
For you to hold my hand tight,
But then I see you smiling, leaving me like others,
And I lose my only light…

Then I see the world changing in front of me,
Gaining back its color…
And yet it feel so dark…
With only pain and suffer….

As I see all that I had,
Slipping away with no sound..

And all I can do is stand and cry
‘cos am rooted on the ground…

By: Nidhi Jha


12 thoughts on “Rooted on the ground…

  1. I really like the whole concept here. When I read the title I pictured someone firm in their ways and strong but almost the opposite, this person is suffering from unrequited love! Well expressed and yes, please pass it on my compliments to Ms Nidhi : )

    • Well… She doesn’t have her personal blog, And since I love her poems, I keep them posting with her permission… πŸ™‚ though, I will ask her to make a blog of her own and share her writings… πŸ™‚

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