“EVOL” Verse-1 With Chorus And Intro…

I already had posted the “2nd Verse” of the same song a long ago,
Check it out here EVOL (Verse2)
Now Here goes the Rest of the song with “Intro” and “Chorus”… 🙂
Its Love…
A Whole New Universe,
So Beautiful, a Lovely Curse,
Lets Cut The Crap,
Lemme me put it in my Verse,

WOh ho, Babe… Oh no, Love me more,
Take It From My Chest, Crush it, Throw,
I Tried To Keep U away from this Show,
No More, So Slow, but I know, You wont Go,
You Wont Leave Me Alone,
You Were My Medicine, So Dope,
So Close, We Were To Love, I Just Cant Let It Go,
So Low, White Like a Snow, Unstoppable Flow,
Never Felt Such a Blow, You Do it Like a Pro,

I Do it Like Devil does,
Pour my Every word,
Into My every verse,
Like a curse,
hit you Even Worse,
Immerse in My Blood,
Your Every Move, Baby, Adverse,
I do it The Way I Like,
Babe, I never rehearse,
They do my Research, And I Imburse,
When I Roll, Even Death Disperse,
Never Converse, I Always Disburse my Words,
You Wont catch the flow, no need to Observe,
The Efforts You Take, I will Reverse,
I Don’t care What u think,
I Loved You Every moment with every Blink,
Take My Blood in Your Hands, Drink,
Sink in my Pain, Love The Pleasure It Brings,
Had Lot Of It, So I Used Up all My Tears as ink,
I’ll Smack your Face,
No-matter how much u Clinch,
Brake Every one, Every thing,
You Cant Fly Now, I Burnt Your Wings,
I Wont Show Even If I Miss You,
I Laughed When You Murdered Me,
‘Coz I don’t care What you Do,
Get Outta My Way Babe, Move,
I Erased Your Foot prints, Left No Clue,
These Waves Remind Me the Do’s,
They Tell Me How Selfish Was You,
And I wont let you forget the pain you put me through,
Yeah You Fucked Me Love,
But, I Fucked You too

By: Chandan Mishra


4 thoughts on ““EVOL” Verse-1 With Chorus And Intro…

  1. Oooohhh woooohhooo….
    I dont have words….but i dnt wanna die without hearing u rap these words…so wen r mailing it to me?????
    Awesome awesome love ur raps…..it shines that attitude! Cooool!

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