By A Friend Of Mine.. My Angel…

They say that you are new so keep yourself aside
don’t walk through narrow passages when their are ones that are wide
Dont stick up to all that you belive
Use the ones that are famous….as, if I am a thief
They say its safe to just follow
And use their thoughts even if they are shallow
But they have got the power and fame that you don’t
They tell me every time I say I won’t
But I won’t do what they want me to…thats what I kneen on working at…
Will I face trouble? Sure I will….thats something on which I can bet..
I find it amusing how they think of it
Just the thought of it make me cringe “follow if u wanna fit”

why is it so necessary to be a part?
All I want is to stand apart
And create a world of my own
I don’t wanna follow others tone
And I know it would be hard to do the job
But again it would be as easy as turning the knob
‘cos atleast I will be following my dreams not others
And just that one thought give me the feathers
To fly off the sky searching the universe
Reach all my dreams and break this curse
To everyone out their who belive in “following”
I say just for once….try and trust your own wings…

By: Nidhi Jha


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