Awesome Poem… A MUST READ… 🙂

The Scribbler

Once I got crushed like a pie,

Many times I tried to die,

Every time I simply couldn’t,

Something made me think I shouldn’t.

‘Cause from downs I rose again,

And danced in the heavy rain,

Accepted life’s good blows,

To strive in different lows.

Every time I lost my hope,

And things were hard to cope,

I stood alone in the middle of the road,

To die and lessen my huge load.

Those many times I felt a surge,

To live my life with a different urge,

To fulfill all my little desires,

To safely move away from liars.

So my changed mind took a turn,

To traverse the path where I can learn,

Where I can see life crystal clear,

It’s web and messes not to fear.

So now I am strong from within my core,

I will purify my mistakes from their ore,

I will never ever…

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