A Poem Written By My Dear Friend, Zygerina, Sometimes, other people can give words to your emotions better than YOU, yourself, could… 🙂 I Thank Her For such an amazing Gift… 🙂 Thank You Zygerina… 🙂 God Bless You… 🙂

Zygerina's Blog

5 years, 5 years it was , not a joke,
baby with your allegations i choke.
You were my beauty, my graceful queen,
your love took me to Places i’ve never been.

My fantasies,my tales, my stories,
would start just with you,
cause u were my life,
for you everything i’d do.

You live next door, easy to stare,
with you everyday was a ‘fair’.
This dreams was so crazy,
i was gasped with no time.
I didnt knew ahead love,
how hard was my climb.

Till your hands were in mine,
i didnt realize the time,
i metioned above wat a crazy dream it was.

Now then your love is false,
wonder how hard i fall,
i cant stand up now i only crawl.

Im a guy i need to be tough,
but your love got me so weak,
got me so rough.

I sneek through through my balcony,

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13 thoughts on “

  1. Hes been putting his story into words evr since tht day dear…..every singel one of his poem is somehow bout her…
    Bt seriously…this is some really awesome job of placing.someone elses feeling into words…..good job…..:-)

    • 🙂
      Good to know that u care too…:)
      Dont worry.. He’ll be just fine.. afterall he has got us all ryt…..:D

      Plus he’s super strong…..

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