Your Not Alone…

Are you Alive to just survive?
Or To Rule?
Be the Master of your Own will,
Or Stay a Fool?

Do You Live Everyday,
just ‘Coz you have to?
Or You Do What you Love,
Not Only ‘Coz You Want to..?

You Aren’t Behind anyone,
Neither You Are Low…
You Got All It Takes,
To Be Yourself and Steal The Show…

So, Just Stand Up And Walk,
Get out Of That Corner, Stop The Clock,
Break Your Vow Of Silence, Start To Talk,
Let Your Heart Be Soft But Your Soul.. A Rock…

You Are The Master Of Your Fate,
And Your The Master Of Your Own,
Do What You Want, Dont Care About The World,
Hold My Hands, ‘Coz Your Not Alone…

By: Chandan Mishra


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