Life Should Be Free…

Do we know,
What does Life means?
Is this a movie,
Or just a scene…!!!

Life is a journey,
as they say…!!
We keep on running,
and never stay…!!!

Life is a story,
we keep on listening…!!
We know it will end,
but still we pray…!!!

Life is a joke,
Which makes us laugh…!!
So, just hold your breath,
and enjoy this bluff…!!!

Life is a smile,
It may not easily come…!!
But don’t you worry about that,
It happens only in cases of some…!!!

Life is like casino,
Where everybody gamble…!!
Nobody wants to loose,
Nobody wants to fumble…!!!

Life is like a child,
Life is like his innocent smile…!!
Life is like wind,
It keeps blowing for miles…!!!

Life is like you,
Life is like me,
Life should be purposeful,
And Life Should Be Free…!!!

By: Chandan Mishra


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