And I Never Slept Again (A Very Old One.. )

You may wonder,
How it can be a truth?
Everybody have to sleep,
And they should…!!

Now my friend,
here’s the reason I think you would like to know…!
A very dark side of Sleep,
Which I am about to show…!!

I saw an angel,
into my dreams…!
So beautiful, she came from heaven,
as it seems…!!

Though, I knew her,
for very long…!
But I never realized that she was the one,
for whom I was singing those songs…!!

But deep inside my heart,
I was badly afraid…!
What will happen when I say to her,
what I had to say…??

I was never afraid of being thrown,
and breaking my heart…!
But all that I was thinking about,
what will happen if she get hurt…!!

And for her sake,
I decided not to tell her ever…!
Not to put her in any pain…
I took’em all and decided,
not to show her, never…!!

So, those pain and difficulties,
that I sustained…!
They never let me sleep again,
And I Never Slept Again…!!

By: Chandan Mishra


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