(Half Lyrics of My RAP…)

I’ma put your life into cold sand,
I can beat ya with with my tied Hands,
Am the Karate Kid, Am From Assassins Clan,
I can Kill ya anytym, don’t need a fcukin plan,
I don’t need to take an effort, dont even have to show,
‘Coz you don’t deserve it,
everytym you speak, your Ego Echos,
Sorry Btich, No homos,
Already have tasted Your Love, No-More,
Its the real Me, I know – They Know,
So, I roll solo, but NOT SLOW,
Had Options To Rule, Hell What i Chose,
Had One Wheel in My car, But till Eternity I drove,
Almost Touched the Death, So-Close,
Walked With devil, Tip-to-Tip Toe-to-Toe,
If Venom What You Spit, Bombs What I Throw,
I’ma freeze you, before your life goes,
Better Leave My Way,
You Don’t wanna Suffer More,
Now you stretched this shit to its limits,
you have done it before,
you woke up the death, that’s what you need to know,
I’ma Drop my EMOTIONS from Plane-Aero,
Its My tears, My Pain They Inspire Me More,
I Tolerated Enough To let Your Greed Grow,
My Words Explain it better, i don’t need to show,

So, With My this creation,
I’ma generate a new generation,
I’ma create a suffocation for you, with dis situation,
A Painful Escalation,
I’ma Kill all the Desperation’s,
Give Birth to a new Revolution,
Baby, its just a Demonstration,
The Outburst of my fucked emotions, the depression,
Because of our separation,
A new Derivation,
A whole new Description of Love,
And Every Pains Prescription…

By: Chandan Mishra


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