I just want to cry…

I miss that day,
when we met first time,
I decided that moment,
to make you mine!!

I tried my best,
and gave my every part,
But, dont know where,
I fell a little short!!

I never thought,
It would end this way,
Nothing left with me,
Nothing to say!!

Seems, No one wants,
us to be togather,
But no one can’t do Anything,
Cause our dreams are already shattered!!

Let me take your pain,
Let me love you again,
You just smile for me,
Let me be insane!!

I will make this,
Sun to Shine for you,
I will make the clouds,
to rain for you,
I will break those stars,
just for you,
And, I will end my life,
For a smile from you!!

But i know the fact,
You will never be mine,
No matter how hard i try,
So, there is nothing i can do,
I just want to cry!!
I just want to cry!!!

By: Chandan Mishra


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