Attitude’s a juvenile…


Do you know what it take’s to be me?
Feel a rush in your vein full of pain, its that easy,
Lose your love of life,
Forget Everything, erase those memories…

Think twice before you wanna come to me,
I live in my own world, full of fantasies,
You live in a world full of love,
but i live in reality,

Its Raining outside my window,
Pain in this rain, thats all i see,
I walk with dark clouds over my head,
I am not what you would ever want to be,

But still you can hold my hands,
walk with me for a while,
you can try and reach me when i stand,
My life is gleeful.. attitude’s a juvenile… 🙂Image

By: Chandan Mishra



8 thoughts on “Attitude’s a juvenile…

    • hehehheee… Can’t stop laughing.. 😛 most of the time, me and rain, both were involved when i was facing the twist and turns of my life… apart from that.. i love rain and beaches… 🙂 nothing else… 🙂

    • You hate rain and beaches ‘coz they make you sad… they use to make me sad too.. but then i became immune to the sadness… and now… i love them… 🙂 that’s the reason i was laughing… 🙂 sorry… 🙂

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