I Miss You In My Arms…

Almost feels like am Breaking my Own Crust,
Standing on the pieces of my Broken Trust,
love is gone, Now, Its Only LUST,
Everyone’s Leaving Me, And i Think They Must,

After Everything you did to me,
I guess i can’t change,
Its Ironic, But Still I’ve no Revenge,
Holding on the Pieces of my Broken Heart,
But, “I Still Love You”, its So Strange,

Ever Tried Holding Fire In your Palm?
Ever Tried Slitting Your Veins Just To Feel Li’l Calm?
After Killing Your Smiles, Missing Your Own Charm?
I Miss You, When it Rains, I Miss You In My Arms…

By: Chandan Mishra


4 thoughts on “I Miss You In My Arms…

      I mean… i just went through your two new poems, one was “What was that” and the other was “Fake, they call me..” … I WAS ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY… you wrote down MY feelings… 🙂 thank you soooo much for writing such an awesome piece of art… MAY GOD BLESS YOU… 🙂
      And Yeah… Thanks To you too… 😛 Am glad that you liked it… 🙂

  1. You’re exageratin’ or being too generous , really im not that good instead i lose path while writing, actually all those words suit you better poet n quite generous thank you!

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