Technical Rap (Verse1)…

I wont pay a shit wont put a semicolon ever,
fuck u till eternity, in a loop for forever,
u wont get a warning, forget about an error,
this program is gonna run, u cant put a break, never,
Destroy the pointers to those memories,
Use a New compiler, Man, I work on predictor,
will get a new memory, maybe a new COMPUTER,
You pushed the wrong button, it was a kill mode actuator,
You should understand the situation, For u, it would be better,
You keep da fuck away from my EVIL RHYME GENERATOR,
Watch out luv, I am a very bad lier, a disastrous ACTOR,
I dont Keep Backup Of my memories, i Prefer Using an Incinerator,
You will be dead, Deceased by this SUFFOCATOR,
But Wait, You cant go this easy, you have to pay for my suffering,
Ha ha, You’re stuck, i guess You must be buffering,
You will face and Feel Every pain, the blood blustering,
Burst out in pieces and fall out, clustering,
I can Feel Devil on My head, Whispering,
“Do the Clean up Job boy, her End is Near, and Nearing”…

By: Chandan Mishra


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