I Just Cant Regress..

Used Up My Blood, To Complete The Picture,
I Made Luv With The Death, And Again Ditched Her,
Switched Her,
Into My Memories, Just To Drop Again, I Picked Her,

In front of what i took,
Turn Around, just look,
My Life Is ain’t more than a ruptured book,
Everytime I beged, you mistook,

So all i’ma do is to Rap it,
In My Words trap it,
Pick the memories, smash it,
No!! Please Wait, For Fucks Sake, Stop it,

Its The Feeling Of Nauseous,
Get Me Out This Grieving Process,
Wanna Finesse the pain but unless I Mess it,
it ain’t gonna leave, its so languid Progress,

Its impossible to breath with these clashes,
But you cant feel it, Your Senses crashes,
You Cant Feel This Distress,
I’ve Never Been So Depressed,

But Lets Stop it, I dont Wanna Digress,
From This Feeling Which I Cant Express,
Lets Cut It, Just Supress,
No Need To Be So Obsess,
But From This Situation, I Just Cant Regress,

By: Chandan Mishra


8 thoughts on “I Just Cant Regress..

    • Your most welcome.. and well… see .. its your own decision.. whether you would like to keep it or not…
      But as far as my opinion is been concerned… I would STRONGLY suggest you to Please keep posting… 🙂
      Though… I would also like to suggest you to change your theme… i mean.. for example.. mine is very simple and easy.. try switching to a new theme…
      My Advice would be… PLEASE DON’T STOP POSTING.. You write awesome… 🙂

    • Your most welcome… 🙂 and yeah… Sometimes it becomes really hard to stop myself from exaggerating… 😛 At times like that… I can’t stop my pen to pour down some VIOLENT words… hence… RAPS… 😛 🙂 though… am again happy that you liked’em… 🙂 thanks… 🙂

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