There in… millions would be few…

I have seen a lot of people die…
Lots being missed in the deal
Some times I think, would that be the case with me?
Would anyone even feel
The lack of me being in the world
The sorrow of my going far
Would anyone ever will miss me
Would anyone try to search me in star?

Would their be anyone who wont be sad
Because I met a sad fate
But be sad
Because they miss me as a mate
I don’t want anyone to regret that they didn’t treat me well and now I am dead
But will there be even one person who would say
“I loved her too much and I miss her bad”
I don’t want people to cry when I am gone
But I am afraid I would strive for affection when there would be none…

I don’t want to be a person that everybody knows
But I wonder would their even be one
Who would catch my lifeless corpse in arms
And say please come back for the times we had fun

I don’t know if I deserve it or not
Because I am no good what-so-ever
But I would love to have at least someone
Don’t want them to hold on to me for lifetime
But I would always wish in there
That there in millions would be few
Who would actually care……..

By: Nidhi Jha


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