The Last Goodbye…

Things Which i Cant Forget,
Things Which i Can Never Get,

Chances I Gave Away,
Loneliness I Deserve Today,

Drenched in my pain again,
Running into this rain again,

Another Day, Went Away,
And Sun Never Came Today,

Though, Few Memories I Collected,
Most Of’em Dredful And Disrespected,

Dark Clouds All Over The Sky,
Pouring The Drops of My Last Goodbye,

(Story Behind It:
I had her hands in my hand..
she said “I need to go… dad’s calling…”
I replied “Please stay for one more minute… i dont know why.. but i feel like… Its the last goodbye…”
“But i need to go now… ” she Said…
“Hmm… I wish i could stop you…” I replied…
“Goodbye… ” she said…
“I hate goodbye’s..” I replied…
And She left… For Forever… šŸ˜¦ )


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