2 days of night…

Its been 2 days of nights,
I remember almost everything, those fights,
I Slapped u in your face, baby you were right,
Damn it, I was wrong Evrytime,
But You loved me inspite,
I hated you, always, but you never cried,
Baby to Love you, is what i always tried,
I am gonna die now, When My Memories collide,
I missed my train to hell yesterday,
But Am gonna catch the next flight,
But wait, i just realized,
My feelings are already dead, they died,
They died when i disrespected you,
When my truths Lied,
Who’s this in the mirror, I cant recognize,
Damn, its me, i look diffrent now, love, you were ryt,
I was never true, i was just too hyped,
So to bring us back togather, its gonna be my fight,

A while Since i Saw Your Face,
Touched Your Hairs, Felt Your grace,
Please Come Back, i’ll change, I Swear,
My Eyes are Fading, everythings so unclear,
But All Am gonna Do,
Is to feel the Pain I put you Through,
Only thing am gonna remember ,
Baby I Love You… 😦

By: Chandan Mishra


25 thoughts on “2 days of night…

  1. Show this to her she’d love it!
    Its like really strange you were ryt its like it’s my feelings you gave words to!
    N now thank you for writting this!

    • Am Happy To be Your Favorite… 🙂
      Words … and Words are All I Have… 🙂
      And yeah… i’ve customized my blog according to my need.. the background and stuffs… i’ve customized it … 🙂 You too can do it with your theme… its easy… 🙂

  2. im operating frm my cell so its pretty confusing im in atrain ryt now i’ma do it wen my dad gifts a laptop after results till
    then its gonna stay lyk dat

    • Yeah… i can understand… operating internet on cell sometimes can coz a real pain… anyway… wish you best of luck for your coming results… 🙂 I hope you’ll get ur laptop soon… 🙂

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