Love in pouring Rain… (A very old one.. )

The name of it, is love,
It’s inside, beneath and above,
Tell me how do i show,
How do i control this utter flow!!

Love is my whole life,
But, also the reason for my strife,
Still,It’s the only thing that make me breath,
It’s the only thing that’s keeping me alive!!

Love taught me how to love,
Love gave me the power of dove,
Love makes me smile every day,
I wish, not to loose My love,
That’s the only thing i pray!!

Love’s the one, made me,
Love turned the skies blue,
Love set’s us free,
And love makes the “Love” true!!

Love’s not a vain,
Though, it can be a Real Pain,
But, I fell in love for the first time,
When it was pouring rain!!

By: Chandan Mishra


4 thoughts on “Love in pouring Rain… (A very old one.. )

  1. I like your writing and you capture emotions well. Have you ever considered just doing it free verse? You can do so much more when you are bound by rhyme.

    • Thank You Moses for your words of appreciation.. 🙂 it means allot to me… 🙂 And well… I never tried doing free verse.. Maybe ‘coz whatever I write, All the emotions and thoughts come naturally.. I hardly take more than 5 minutes to write anything.. 😛 🙂

      • No problem 🙂 I would encourage you to give it a shot, trust me, the freedom is exhilarating. You’ll be able to touch emotions you didn’t even know you had. Also try playing wit different forms, like internal rhyming, word sounds etc. It really brings your poetry to life. Plus it’s fun

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