EVOL (Verse2)…

When I Look At You, Am Amazed To See,
Its so Ironicaly Funny, So Is She,
Now You Have Time Babe, But you dont have me,
When i Look At myself, Tears Flow Down My Cheek,
This Feelin, of depression, Am carryin the Pain So deep,
My Eyes Bleed, Even When I Sleep,
But Am Happy That no one can feel
This painful steep,
You Were My Life, My Every Need,
You Were into my Nerves, into my Every Dream,
God Should Hang those Memories,
Cause They are Killers, they Murdered me,
I Should Slit my veins, And Fall on my knees,
Coz The Path I’ve Chosen, To Hell it Leads,
I Try To Exhale you With My Every Breath,
When I Turn those pages And Read,
But I Cant Let you Go, Yes I Agree,
I Try Talking To Walls Sometimes, So Lonely,
Even When You said “I Love You”, Babe I Believed,
I Always Let My Soul Speak,
My Pain Tasted Like Rain to you, So Sweet,
I Can Throw Away Those Gifts, but i Think I Should Keep,
Just in Case We Meet, Lets See,
Coz Your Shadow Follows Me
When i walk on These Streets,
The Last Look into your Eyes, It Went so deep,
You Were Right There, But you Couldn’t See,
These Freaking Tears Flow Down,
No mater How Much i Plead,
A Payback To Your Deeds,
Now Thats All I Need,

By: Chandan Mishra


2 thoughts on “EVOL (Verse2)…

    • Thank you so much… i wont stop writing for sure… 🙂
      And Well… in response to “n yes i feel like you copied my hrt again..” … well… all i can say is… You aren’t alone… 🙂

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