The Funeral…

You see those people coming?
its my funreal today
Can you hear those birds singing?
its my funeral today

Can you see my friends standing under that tree?
can you see that angel?
She use to love me.
I swear i tried so hard to stay
but i couldn’t,
and its my funeral today…

Can you see that old lady right there?
She was my teacher,
She gave me my life
My loving mother,
You see that old man beside my body?
He was my dad,
I was a gem for him,
One of the shoulders he had,

Oh God, I wish i could stay
But i can’t,
And its my funeral today…

But before We leave for heaven,
Let me show you few places god,
The balcony of my home where i use to pray,
The college, Where i use to spend my days,
The Ground where i use to play
Oh God, I am gonna miss them,
I Wish I could stay
But i know i cant,
Cause its my funeral today…

By: Chandan Mishra


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