Its me again…

As I see, things blurring in front of my eyes,
As I feel, no matter how much i tried, i just couldn’t cry,
As I know, your eyes made me believe your lies,
As I can’t forget, that wonderful eve on 29th of july…

Pick Your Gun, Shoot me in my head,
Cut my Throat, Beat Me Till Am Dead,
Push That Knife Into My Skin Until Its Red,
Suffocate Me With my Eyes Closed, in my Bed..

And Then You Will See ME, Rolling Up,
Picking Up My Pieces Together, Crawling Up,
Soaking Up The River Of My Blood, Rising Up,
Rest In Peace, The Peace, Am Brawling Up…

Coz I dont really Care If am Dead Again,
I’ll write it down even before i pick my pen,
Don’t make that face, coz I meant to offend!!
Did you like the taste of this pain again?
You came into my dream, made my eyes rain again?
But You cant let me down girl, Your Attempts are Lame Again,
You Cant Come Back To me Now, ‘Coz Am “ME” Again…

By: Chandan Mishra


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